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The Rotary Club of Hunters Hill meets every Wednesday at 6:30pm at the Sporties Club, 181A Ryde Road, Gladesville NSW 2111. To join us one evening as our guest, please contact our President Michael Parsons. 

ROCK THE HALL Dance for the Farmers

The Rotary Club of Hunters Hill is very proud to announce
that we had 161 people attend our Rock the Hall dance
at the Hunters Hill Town Hall recently
and that we raised $9,077.28
from ticket sales, raffle and donations.

We would like to publicly thank the following for their donations:-
Hunters Hill Council, Councillor Barry Smith,
Gail O’Brien, Sue Lloyd Tait (Double Gin and Tonics), Sue Hoopmann,
Neville Hodgson, Hunters Hill Theatre Group, and Robert Winning.

We would also like to thank The Double Gin and Tonics,
Tom Jones impersonator and Elvis impersonator
for the fabulous entertainment
and for providing their services free of charge.

Thank you to Councillor Zac Miles for providing hay stacks.

Special thanks to the following for the raffle donations
Jenny Thomasetti of Russley Rural Retreat,
David and Elsa Lazarus of Rhythm Boat,
Bob and Mary Bradford of Major Oak Theatre,
Roz Jackson of Captain Cook Cruises,
Angela & Brian Perry of Harbour View Hotel,
and Bill and Ruth Scott of ½ do’s wine.

Rotary-Sponsored morning tai-chi
The Rotary Club of Hunters Hills invites members and non-members alike to join our tai-chi classes. Come along and enjoy the benefits of tai-chi. Classes are held at Weil Park, (opposite Marist Sisters Girl’s School 60 Woolwich Road) on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:30 am till 8:30 am. Classes are held in the Scout Hall at the park on days when the weather is too cold or wet and does not permit outside activity. The first class is FREE - so try us out! And if you like it, then we ask you to pay $12 per class or purchase a book of 10 tickets for $120.
“A growing body of Western medical researchers are starting to marvel at tai chi exercise. This exercise art has been practiced in the East for many centuries as a sophisticated system promoting health and longevity. Western scientists now concur the practice of tai chi is of tremendous benefit to both physical and mental health .” 

So please come along, get yourself in shape and help the community at the same time. All residual profits go to Rotary to assist local Youth Projects.

Please register your interest; Call Charles Amos (02) 9016 4465 for information, or just turn up on either Tuesday or Thursday mornings at 7.30am.